DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Some people love the taste of beer, but can't drink normal beers because of the beer's gluten.

A new gluten-free brewery is opening today in Golden when the 3,000-square-foot Holidaily Brewing Co. opens at 801 Brickyard Circle in Golden.

Gluten-free means the beer is made without barley or wheat, which can adversely affect people with gluten intolerance.

Holidaily joins a handful of other Colorado breweries producing gluten-free products, including New Planet Beer in Boulder and Great Frontier Brewing Co. in Lakewood.

Some major brewers have tried their hand at brewing gluten-free beer: Anheuser-Busch Inc.'s gluten-free Redbridge beer is out there, as is Widmer Brothers Brewing's gluten-free Omission beer.

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