Commerce City, CO  80640

Next1 Labs is one of Denver’s premier cannabis extraction facilities, with a team of scientists focused on concentrates that deliver superior quality. Next1’s vision is to educate and give people access to the highest quality products to enhance their lifestyle.  Altitude worked closely with Next1’s founders and a team of Architects and Engineers to design a state of the art laboratory and office space. At the heart of the facility is the Class 1 Division 1 extraction room, and a Class 2 Division 2 refining room. These rooms are equipped with top of the line mechanical and life safety systems, and a static dissipative poured epoxy floor. The lab also comes equipped with a large oven room, and a product fill and packaging area. All utility infrastructure was upgraded to support this lab, and still leaves room for future expansion. Altitude also completed a full remodel of the office space, adding blue polished floors, an employee locker area, break room, and mezzanine offices and conference room.  This fresh new modern look and design offers an inviting and warm atmosphere for visitors and employees. No detail was overlooked during the design and construction of this lab.